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Jun 242013

What a great place to walk!  In the hills above Tiburon, California in Marin county is a large open space with trails and 360 degree views that won’t quit.  Depending on where you walk, there’s a different vantage point; of the golden gate, San Francisco, the east bay.  It’s city planning at its best as it could easily be covered with large, estate homes.  But we need great places to walk or take photos!  Thank you Marin county.


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May 222012

Old St. Hilary’s sits atop a hill overlooking Tiburon across the bay from San Francisco.  Built in 1888 it’s one of the precious icon’s of Marin Co.  From this angle you can catch a glimpse of Angel Island, Alcatraz and the skyline of San Francisco.  I’ve posted 2 very different depictions here on 2 different days.  The first is on a day where the air is pretty clear with everything in sharp relief.  The second was taken in the early morning with bright sunlight and a bit of dwindling fog, making for a more muted scene.  Which one do you like best?


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