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Dec 072015

There’s something about watching young kids playing and having fun.  Maybe it reminds me of times gone by and my own youth.  Or spending those countless hours watching my own kids make their own play.  Or times spent now watching my grandkids play.  Maybe it’s the ever constant flow of time and life that touches my awareness and helps me to realize and appreciate with gratitude the beauty of life.  What a ride we have here.  It reminds me to play more and enjoy the time we do have on Earth.


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May 122013

I just happen to love roses.  A few years ago I got a bit crazy with them and planted over 50 around our property.  It’s only half an acre so they kind of take over this time of year.  I haven’t been pruning them too much either so they’re starting to get pretty large within their own range of growth.  It’s pretty amazing to be walking around the yard, not paying too much attention to them when, Wham!  This incredible and intense fragrance wafts up and around.  I just stop and relish in the moment.


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