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Jan 092016

It’s a new year.  The road is clear but there’s a bend we can’t see beyond.  How do we navigate the road ahead that is already moving swiftly?  Where are we going?  Where do we want to wind up?  So many questions.  I can see some of the general landscape in the distance but the details are unknown and just a bit mysterious.  It’s up to me to drive my life forward.  Where am I going?  Where are you going?


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Jul 122013

I did it.  I hate being a dense, thoughtless tourist, but I actually stopped in the middle of the road, got out with as much composure as I could muster and took a few shots.  Now there certainly wasn’t much traffic, but you never know when the next car will come racing up from behind.  I kept looking, but no, nothing.  A couple cars in front, nothing behind.  Just the seemingly unending expanse of central Washington and its wheat crop.  Everywhere I looked was planted in wheat and the road was somehow planted right in the middle of it.


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