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post office

Dec 092011

I read recently that in one of the travel magazine surveys Charleston SC had just jumped up to the #1 US travel destination, taking over for San Francisco which had been #1 for some 20 years.  I wonder how they come up with that?  Charleston is a great place, though; southern charm, humidity, history, beautiful architecture, shops and restaurants.  The central historic district is very easy to walk around in.  There are so many places to explore that exude charm and history.  It’s as if they’re all speaking; “over here, come see me.”  Well, I was wandering around one morning looking at city hall, when another building across the street called to me.  So I crossed the street and went in.  It was the post office!  If a chair had been provided I would have sat down for a while just to take in the elegance and old wood and charm; maybe have cup of tea and a slow, friendly conversation with the postmaster.  But, alas no one was there….  So, I took a few photos.

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