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papago park

Dec 182015

It’s nice being in the desert in winter.  Finally, there’s a chance to find some cloud cover as opposed to the constant blue skies you find most of the time.  And the temperature.  So pleasant.  On this morning, I headed out before sunrise and spent some time wandering around Papago park in Phoenix.  This stand of palm trees caught me eye and the mostly calm reflection in the lake provided a rich fullness to the serenity of the scene.


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Mar 122013

I love going to the desert in the winter.  Often I’ll go to one of the great desert parks, but this time I went to Palm Desert and Phoenix.  Unfortunately my camera bag was stolen out of my car the morning I was leaving for home and with it many of the images I had captured over the days.  But, alas, life goes on and I did come back with some I stll had in the camera.  I’m happy to say that my camera was not in the bag at the time of theft.

I happened to be in Phoenix for 2 days of mostly cloudy weather.  I actually like that as it often makes for a more dramatic experience.  Here, I went over to Papago Park as the day was dawning.  The city skyline is quite a ways away from there, but never-the-less it is there in the flat expanse of the urban desert.


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