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May 062016

Walking in style.  Bathed by luxurious beauty.  Yep.  I’m talking about… you guessed it.  Las Vegas.  Maybe others would call it overindulgence or something in that vein.  I just call it choice and another place to play in a world filled with places to explore, both natural and man made.  Of course, who’s to say man made is not natural.  We are, after all, part of nature.  It is true, usually I’d prefer the natural world of trees and rock and water but it’s a nice change to head to the pace and style of what other people have created for the rest of us to enjoy.  Hey, it’s Vegas.  I certainly enjoyed.


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Apr 092013

I don’t remember how many floors up this is, but doesn’t it seem like an odd place to check in?  I don’t ever remember checking into a hotel anywhere other than on the ground floor.  But, this is Vegas; original, quirky, bizarre.  All in a good way, mind you.  And the view from here is certainly grand.  A nice lounge is immediately adjacent.  Not that one is ever far away.  I liked the Mandarin.  Even the hallways exude elegance.  The whole place is that way.  Just one big opulent work of art and design.


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