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Jun 092014

It’s such a beautiful drive out of Bellingham onto the Lummi Indian Reservation.  The road eventually hugs the water.  You cross over and then pass the mouth of the Nooksack River and then find yourself with unencumbered views back into Bellingham.  Expansive views that take in the whole panorama of the city.  If it was clear out all the way to the east, the ominous presence of Mt. Baker would be showing itself.  But today the ever present cloud cover is here yet again.  Clouds aren’t so bad really.  Especially when enjoying the drive, the air is warm enough and the views magnificent.


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Dec 142013

I drove up to the end of the road and parked.  I was intending to make it up to the infamous Hollywood Sign, at least most of the way, but it was getting dark and I kept getting distracted by the incredible views of Los Angeles and all the different colors and angles with every step I took.  And then I saw it!  As it was making its way out of the frame, I saw it.  Clearly something alien, and just cruising right over the heart of one of the largest cities in the world!  Do you see it?  There, on the right side of the frame.  Do you believe it?


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