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Jun 152013

It’s both a blessing and a curse that I live so close, in fact am virtually surrounded by large fields.  This time of year the pollens flow freely and I’ve developed, over the past few years, some allergic symptoms to all of the otherwise beauty and abundance of the flowering shrubs and grasses.  Never-the-less, I do take the time to appreciate what’s given in my surroundings and I’ll take the blessings of nature over my frustrations any day.  On this particular evening the bales were still there, cut, baled and ready to be taken in for storage.  The sun and clouds/coastal fog were doing a dance for a while when most of the clouds just vanished before the sun set.  The trailing color was stunning.


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Feb 272012

It seems that a cow is content with what is.  Sun, wind, rain, cold, heat, they always just seem to go about their business, usually eating, in whatever conditions life brings them.  There must be a lesson in there somewhere.  We humans are so busy rushing from here to there, filling our plate, adding to an already busy life, trying to get more and more done.  Cows just seem to fit in.  And when they find a fresh bed of soft hay in amongst the old farm implements… well, I guess that’s just a little piece of heaven.

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