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Sep 212012

Wow!  What an adventure I had in South Africa!  The people so friendly, vital and alive.  We spent almost all our time in rural areas well north of Johannesburg and what a treat it was.  The vitality of the people, the land, the animals is infectiously palpable.  They are genuine, heartfelt, humble.  No excessive energy in reaching for the tourist dollar.  Wares and art, if around, are simply and cordially offered.  The beauty and energy of the land and its people reverberates deeply in my soul.

Here, on this day, we visited two primary schools where some of the kids performed for us; singing, dancing, poetry, a play.  All done with full participation and much energy.  All the kids were so interested in us and revelled in a simple acknowledgement and touch of the hands.  A beautiful day indeed.

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