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Jul 262013

There’s a story to this giraffe…  Eight of us traveling in an open-air jeep had reached the main road after leaving Camp Unicorn.  We were discussing what we’d like to see this day and the mighty giraffe was mentioned by most.  As we were set to turn left, we spotted a giraffe on the right, not more than a hundred yards away.  So, we asked our driver to head in its direction and proceeded slowly toward her.  She just kept on eating what leaves she could find in the trees at first.  Then, she started wandering.  We just sat in the jeep in silence and joyfully watched, trying to connect as best we could.  We weren’t more than 20 yards away.  Then, as it seemed she was walking away, she turned and walked toward us.  She stopped in a small clearing, looked right at us, and bowed.  She stayed that way for a few seconds, clearly not eating, got up and walked away.  We were stunned and awe struck.  What an honor.  A true connection with the natural world.  We turned around and drove away feeling blissed and blessed.


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