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Apr 072012

OK, OK.  The spiral staircase post from March 27 is in the Supreme Court building in DC.  If you couldn’t guess where it was, you weren’t alone.  No one did.

Now, as for Las Vegas, it’s all about stimulation and color and a sort of artistic grandeur… sort of.  I know Vegas is quite polarizing, with those who love it and those who think it was created by greed and the devil.  In my two meager days there I didn’t spend a dime on any form of gambling.  But, I did enjoy, immensely, the fine sport of people watching, as well as treating the whole of the city as one big art gallery.  Of course, the fountains in front of the Bellagio are a well-known and fun act to catch.  This particular angle is one I’d not seen before.  Those blue morse-code-like lights are from the adjacent Cosmopolitan Hotel.

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