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fall color

Oct 152015

Being late in the season, the cabin was empty.  All the rustic mountain cabins were empty, ready for the maintenance they’d need before next year.  The emptiness of the cabins and quiet of the high Sierra made for great exploration.  There was a sense of mystery and charm, especially as the turning colors of fall made their way into the frame.  I sure love the mountains.


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Oct 182014

Much of the beauty of the Sierra mountains in fall is its accessibility.  Of course I love to traipse around the woods and countryside, but to those who don’t, just taking a drive along highway 395 that skirts the eastern side of this incredible mountain range will work out just fine.  In fact, no matter what season, it’s a great choice for a scenic getaway.  This is Conway Summit, just north of the Mono Lake overlook and town of Lee Vining, gateway to the eastern entrance to majestic Yosemite.


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Oct 142012

Yes, it’s autumn and the leaves are turning color and falling.  With so many vineyards around here, it doesn’t take much of a drive to experience the fall colors.  One of my favorite areas is out in the dry creek area of Sonoma county where this was taken.  So many beautiful images to behold.

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