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Feb 012014

I took some baths with borax in them.  And, usually I go away, often to a desert, this time of year.  So, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.  Thus, borax in the desert.  Voila!  This is the notorious Badwater.  Covered with borax, it’s smack dab in the middle of Death Valley.  And what a great time to go in winter, too.  It’s pleasant out, but not hot.


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Feb 252012

On my last morning in Death Valley I decided to walk out onto the badwater basin.  It’s the lowest land point in the U.S.  I arrived there when still dark and just started walking out onto the crusty salt deposits.  I can imagine it gets suffocatingly hot out there in the summer, but this day in Feb. it was just perfect.  For an hour I only saw one other person, another photographer, of course.  Who else would be out there, just hanging out, watching the dawn emerge.  It’s quite incredible, though, with the hexagonal salt patterns and the shear immensity of the valley floor rising into incredible mountain ranges on both sides, the suns creeping slowly up.  Still, quiet, grandeur.

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Feb 182012

Well, I’m back from Death Valley and Las Vegas.  The conditions were great for making photos.  Beautiful mid 70’s in Death Valley and not too cold in Vegas.  I’ll post a few photos from each of those places here in the days to come but they won’t be up in the galleries pages for a while yet.


Death Valley is so huge.  Where to go, where to be?   I had not been up to Dante’s view yet and knew I wanted to be there one evening.  The temperature in the valley was just right all day, but Dante’s view is up the mountain side at an elevation of 5475 feet.  It was 25 degrees cooler up there than in the valley!  Luckily there wasn’t much wind.  But the views… awesome in all directions!  I love being up high and having the perspective of looking down on the scene below me.  There’s a large viewing area right in front of the parking lot, but it’s also possible to hike a little way in either direction to find that perfect spot for being with the elements and the shear magnificence and wonder of this special place.

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