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Mar 112016

So many street vendors are loud and aggressive in hope of selling their wares.  Not this old timer.  He was always calm and composed.  I watched him from across the street for some time while sipping on Egyptian coffee.  The coffee here is dark and muddy and good, but that’s another story.  In the street’s of Aswan, there wasn’t a more composed man than this one.

Minolta DSC

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Aug 292014

The market area of Aswan is old and disheveled.  Bricks have fallen off old buildings.  Streets are mostly dirt.  But it does bustle with people and commerce and life.  Most necessary items can be bought there; as well as many trinkets and unnecessary things.  But, one thing comes without a price.  And that is friendship and camaraderie and lively conversation.  I wonder what they’re talking about.


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