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Mar 122014

I don’t really know why it’s called camp unicorn as I didn’t see any unicorn’s.  It’s located in the northern part of South Africa and is in the middle of many, many acres of land held in trust to protect and help reintroduce the very rare white lion.  We stayed here for a week and took daily excursions into the bush surrounding the encampment to track and make sure the lions were safe.  Quite an experience, indeed.


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Oct 142013

Keeping on the theme of art museums, and I ask myself when have I ever followed a theme in these postings?, this is Seattle’s equivalent  to the last image of Denver’s art museum.  SAM as it’s called.  Multiple stories of beautiful artwork right downtown, close to everything else downtowny.   In fact, whether it’s kosher to or not, here’s also something from inside, as well.




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Oct 102013

Colorado is not just for hiking or skiing, you know.  Modern Denver shows itself over and over again if you choose to see it.  Yes, I went up into the mountains when there, but I also spent some time enjoying the city part.  Denver’s modern art museum in the golden triangle is a beautiful architectural sampling.


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Sep 032012

Today I’m off to South Africa!  See you in a couple of weeks.

So is this a pizza oven or a pottery kiln?  Maybe either and both.  If nothing else it’s a great piece of art.  It’s up at the Frey vineyard and winery in Mendocino county, California.  A winery of the biodynamic variety where you can rent the property for special events as well.  The oven tells it all as far as style goes.

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Jul 162012

Ephesus is one of the most well preserved ancient cities in the world.  And the library, which was partially reconstructed in the ’70’s, is situated at the bottom of a long, what must have been at the time, roadway.  It’s interesting to know that almost 2,000 years ago that the locals considered a library to be important enough to feature in their design plans.  I wish today’s architecture was more artistic, with columns and sculpture and, well, just more artful.  I guess it’s just not practical in today’s world of pragmatism.  Here’s to more art in our modern world!

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