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Oct 182015

Cable cars, one of the icons of the iconic city of San Francisco.  Maybe you know of another city with this type of transportation.  I don’t.  Cable cars are just one of the signature sights to see in this great city.  You don’t even have to go out of your way to notice them when you’re tooling around the downtown area and city at large.  Need to get from downtown to the wharfs?  Take the cable car.  It’s fun.  It’s slow.  You see the city.  And here, from the top of Russian Hill, you can even see Alcatraz.


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Jun 192015

It’s summer.  The kids are out of school.  Time for sailing lessons.  Every year at this time these little sail boats cluster in the bay across from San Francisco with their eager learners and go through the gyrations of learning how to navigate a boat with the wind.  They’re fun to watch.  Sometimes funny.  What’s nice is that they’re out in the sunshine and elements, moving their bodies, creating a connection the natural world, learning the idiosyncrasies of the wind and how move with it rather than fight it.  Aikido on the water.  Ballet with a boat.  I watch from my office.


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Jan 092013

It was so nice here in the Bay area last week.  I can look out my office window over San Francisco Bay to the city and keep an eye on the weather.  The light in winter is so much softer than other times of year.  So, I took off around 4:00 and headed over the Richmond bridge to the east bay, then across the Bay bridge and got off on Treasure Island, that perfect little piece of land just in front of San Francisco.  Not many people milling around.  Good.  I was mostly focusing on the City when the light of and over Alcatraz caught my eye.  A gorgeous night of light and color.  Perfect for a prison break.


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Oct 052012

It’s America’s Cup racing time again this week on San Francisco Bay.  It’s a perfect venue for watching these unique sailing vessels skim over the water.  And skim they do.  It’s sure not your grandpa’s kind of sailing.  Sometimes it hardly seems like they’re racing but in actuality they’re moving quite fast.  It really is fun to watch with perfect views out to the boats, bay and iconic SF icons.

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