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Dec 292015

It’s winter. Time to get to the slopes.  Play in the snow and feel winter’s charms.  One of the great benefits and enjoyments of living in California is the proximity of ocean and mountains.  On the one hand there’s the power of the Pacific Ocean just a few miles from home.  Beach walks and just hanging out at the ocean watching sea and sky is a never ending treat.  And now it’s winter.  The skies have dropped the slippery white powder many live for.  It’s not far from the ocean to get to the beauty of Tahoe and frolic in winter’s bounty.  Happy skiing.

downhillers 5

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Mar 082014

Yes, it’s beginning to fade, but still it is winter.  At least it is in California.  Is it where you live?  This shot is was taken over my back fence as the sky was going through its early morning color display and the grasses in the field were covered with a deep and persistent frost.  I don’t necessarily like being out in the cold, but the awesome color drew me out this morning.


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