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Oregon Sand Dunes

Aug 272014

These guys are the real thing.  No need to go to the Sahara.  It’s possible to wander for hours if you have the urge without the added fret of getting hopelessly lost.  Head west too far and you’ll run into the Pacific Ocean.  Head east too far and there’s Highway 1.  It’s just so quiet and seemingly remote when walking around if you enter at the right place.  Sometimes all that’s heard is the distant sound of the ocean.  What’s left is the exercise of walking in the sand.  Hard work but worth it.


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Apr 252012

The sand dunes of the central Oregon coast stretch for miles.  There aren’t many places anymore where you don’t run into the ever present dune buggy, but when that happens, as happened on an early morning last summer… well, the spaciousness and quiet that mixes with the changing patterns of the dunes is mesmerizing.  I walked around this area for a couple of hours before the buggies woke up.  What a treat.

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Dec 132011

The sand dunes of the Oregon Coast stretch for quite a few miles, roughly between Florence and North Bend.  I remember fondly camping there with my family as a kid and then bringing my own family and kids there as an adult.  This is one of those places that changes significantly on the one hand and yet is timeless on the other.  These days the dunes are filled with motorized dune buggies and it’s actually hard to find an entry onto the dunes where it’s quiet and remote and the dunes themselves can be experienced in their timeless expanse.  When touring Oregon last summer I was driving south of Florence as it was getting dark.  I was hoping to find some kind of roadside parking spot so I could get onto the dunes before the sun went down and was having trouble finding anything of the sort.  I rounded a bend and drove right by the only pullout I’d seen in miles.  I quickly turned around and parked.  There was only room for 2 cars and no one else was there.  I had to climb straight up a very tall dune to get into the expanse, but when I did, Wow!  A perfect place to explore.  No other people or buggies.  Just me and the vastness of sand and the fading light.

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