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Jan 222014

Yes, this is the Golden Gate Bridge; not a view typically seen, but it is there.  Far from its iconic status it is also a mode of transportation into a very exciting city.  One evening I was tooling around, looking for angles I hadn’t seen before.  I parked my car in the parking lot just on the north side of the bridge before sunset and walked around on the trails.  Though not filled with the more famous views, the fact that the sun was shining its last light on the city and the clouds were starting to turn color made for a different and serendipitous view.


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  One Response to “San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. excellent picture!
    You must have an enormous lens! how comes that it looks like your on the same “level” as the bridge himself?
    love the colors of your pictures, looking forward to visit CA for the first time en sears for places that you have shown already at your website.
    greets from Holland


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