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Mar 122013

I love going to the desert in the winter.  Often I’ll go to one of the great desert parks, but this time I went to Palm Desert and Phoenix.  Unfortunately my camera bag was stolen out of my car the morning I was leaving for home and with it many of the images I had captured over the days.  But, alas, life goes on and I did come back with some I stll had in the camera.  I’m happy to say that my camera was not in the bag at the time of theft.

I happened to be in Phoenix for 2 days of mostly cloudy weather.  I actually like that as it often makes for a more dramatic experience.  Here, I went over to Papago Park as the day was dawning.  The city skyline is quite a ways away from there, but never-the-less it is there in the flat expanse of the urban desert.


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