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Mar 042013

So, am I lucky or not?  I mean going to Palm Springs in the California desert is supposed to be clear and sunny.  Maybe a few wispy clouds.  But fog??  I’ll take it that I got lucky.  I met a local guy on the trail who said he hadn’t seen this kind of fog in 6 years.  I was actually at the South Lykken Trail head before dawn but it was so foggy I had to wait around for some light.  And as the sun got higher, the fog started lifting just a bit.  Perfect for some unexpected desert images.


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  One Response to “Foggy Palm Springs?”

  1. Steve, so glad you had some photos left showing your trip. They are wonderful! Some look so mystical…..
    I felt so bad when I heard about many of them being lost! Guess you’ll have to make another trip back to add to your collection. I’ll be sure and tell Kelli!



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