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Aug 202012

Have you ever slept in a tent above 10,000 feet when you had to backpack for 2 solid days just to get there?  It’s awesome!  The beauty, the quiet, the accomplishment all converge and forms this feeling of… well, something akin to bliss/excitement/peace.  And to be at Rae Lakes in the eastern part of Kings Canyon?  You can just about double everything.  To get here we chose to come up the eastern side, rather than do the loop trail from the western side.  We hiked up and over Kearsarge pass and then the almost 12,000 foot Glenn pass to get the the lakes.  Such pristine beauty I can hardly describe.  The sunlit mountain seen here is called Painted Lady.

See many more images of the Rae Lakes journey and others in Kings Canyon inside the “National Parks” category at


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