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Aug 312012

The political season is upon us.  I don’t really like it and I’m not much of a follower of it all.  But, I came across this image I took at Thomas Jefferson’s memorial in DC and it got me to wondering.  Without going to your iPhone or Wikipedia, what was his political party?  Why, exactly, did someone feel a need to memorialize the man (wasn’t he a slave owner?) with such an elaborate and surely expensive (and beautiful) work of art?  I mean is there an Adams memorial?  Or Jackson or Monroe? No.  But, Thomas Jefferson… it does seem to roll off the tongue.

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Aug 282012

It’s always somewhat of a mystery as to where I”ll wind up in my photo wanderings when the sun starts setting.  Generally, I have many places I’d like to be, but alas, I can only be in one general area at that time.  On this warm evening I’d wandered all the way through 16th street in Denver and found myself in Civic Center Park with a cowboy and his bronco in the setting sun.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

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Aug 252012

They’re off!  I thought it might be interesting to go over the bridge and catch some of the first time trials racing on the America’s Cup agenda.  I’m not really a sailor but I can enjoy an event for what it is and it’s the first time that this event has been close to where I live.  It was awesome and totally unexpected.  It was a cool, typically foggy day on San Francisco Bay, with the wind just fresh enough to make those boats fly over the water.  And fly they did!  With the Oracle boat, the one in the middle, winning, of course.

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Aug 232012

I’m from the Northwest, but when I went up to Seattle last month for a wedding I was completely surprised when strolling down on the waterfront by this monstrous contraption of a ferris wheel!  It’s only a month old.  Everything about it is huge, right down to the bolts, or whatever they’re called, holding it on to the dock.  You wouldn’t want it to come down in one of those big NW wind storms.  One of the workers said it was the 3rd largest in the world.  We couldn’t help but go up in it.  In fact, we went up twice!  I just had to go back at night with my tripod and take a few shots.

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Aug 202012

Have you ever slept in a tent above 10,000 feet when you had to backpack for 2 solid days just to get there?  It’s awesome!  The beauty, the quiet, the accomplishment all converge and forms this feeling of… well, something akin to bliss/excitement/peace.  And to be at Rae Lakes in the eastern part of Kings Canyon?  You can just about double everything.  To get here we chose to come up the eastern side, rather than do the loop trail from the western side.  We hiked up and over Kearsarge pass and then the almost 12,000 foot Glenn pass to get the the lakes.  Such pristine beauty I can hardly describe.  The sunlit mountain seen here is called Painted Lady.

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Aug 182012

Clean, elegant Copenhagen, Denmark.  Friendly too.  We ended up staying in a hotel above this iconic canal with its colorful shops.  During the day it’s buzzing with people, street musicians, expensive lunches.  Also an easy place from which to explore the rest of the city, so easy to walk around in.  Here, the crowds are starting to wind down as the sun begins it descent; the colorful shops soaking in their last bits of light for the day.  I, in my hotel room happily watching the scene and getting ready to explore the city at night.

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Aug 152012

Just got back from a journey out to Colorado.  We attended a wedding in the Rockies in the western part of the state up at around 8,000 feet.  I love it up there.  Clean, crisp.  Clouds building throughout the day as the heat builds up in the lower elevations.  So, in the afternoon and evening, some really interesting weather patterns form, allowing for some awesome photo ops.

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Aug 082012

Today I head to Denver for a few days.  I’ll continue posting in another week with some new stuff.

Well, just about everything’s in Vegas to one degree or another.  And this street corner is an awesome place to just hang for a bit and take in the scene.  Lights, noise, lights, traffic, the buildings of NY, and, of course, lots of lights… of the neon variety.  A great compact town to wander around in and lose track of everything but lights and action.

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Aug 062012

Some time ago, the Smith Tower was the tallest building in Seattle.  In fact, when built in 1914, it remained the tallest building west of the Mississippi for 50 years.  Now…. though still a Seattle icon, it seems to be just an afterthought in the greater Seattle landscape.  Many buildings now tower over it in our age of bigger and better.

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Aug 032012

With even moderate conditions, deserts seem to put out the most incredible array of colors in low light.  Here at Joshua Tree National Park in the southern California desert this was certainly the case.  This was the first time I’d been there and I was so excited by the sheer beauty of the moonscape-like topography of the area I was laughing and crying at the same time.  It seems I could barely move, or was it that I was moving so quickly, I was so enamored.  I’ve been back twice since this first encounter not quite 4 years ago.

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