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Jun 112012

Hiking up into the Sierra mountains is an awesome experience.  I especially like to start from the eastern slopes off of Highway 395 in eastern central California.  Hiking into the Big Pine Lakes region starts at about 7700 feet and goes up from there to around 11,000 feet.  But, it’s a good kind of up.  Up, certainly, but not as rigorous as some backpacking adventures I’ve taken.  This area is gorgeous with the likes of Big Pine Lakes 1 through 7, along with Summit Lake, which was my ultimate destination about 8 miles from the trail head.  I spent a quick 3 nights in the area, just exploring and taking in the beauty and quiet.  With the lakes, many 14,000 foot peaks of the Inconsolable mountain range and Palisade glacier, it’s a journey that’s well worth the climb.

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