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May 122012

There’s nothing like having a splash of color in a city.  San Francisco is already quite a colorful one, but when it’s added to out-of-the-way neighborhoods you know you’re in a great town.  This photo was an afterthought as I was searching for high spots to catch  the larger panoramic view of the city and its environs.  In so many cities; in so many places, there are so many things to see.  It reminds me to keep my eyes open and notice what’s there.  There’s so much beauty in our world.  I like being reminded of that.  The simple and unsensational.  It’s always right in front of me if I slow down and have the eyes to see.

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  4 Responses to “Colorful Row Houses”

  1. Beautiful. One could step back 40 years and this photo would remain hauntingly the same. Love my City.

  2. May I know where is this place located in San Francisco? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Son,
    I believe it is one of the neighborhoods near Corona Heights Park.

  4. this is beautiful, I think nothing can be more colorful than this… I love SF.


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