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Apr 032012

Wilbur is for those of us who like slowwww….. and soothing, healing, natural hot mineral springs.  And who like seclusion and the natural world and who aren’t offended by naked bodies and who are willing to allow themselves to slow down.  That alone seems to be an art in today’s chaotically fast pace.  For some, just the attempt at slowing down and being without computer/TV/cell phone can bring up a deep anxiety, let alone actually coming to some kind of peace over a few days of slow and quiet.  Yes, Wilbur is purposefully slow and quiet, with a large well stocked communal kitchen where you can prepare your own nourishing meals.  And if that meal is after a soothing, calming soak in the hot tubs, interspersed by a dip/swim in the cool, naturally green pool that waits just outside the tubs, and if it’s dark, and the stars are out….  Well, you’ll just have to try it yourself.

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